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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 139
First Aired: October 17, 1996
Writer: Jennifer Crittenden
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Richard Roat (as Dr. Berg) Fort Atkinson (as Dr. Stern) David Purdham (as Dr. Resnick) Heather Campbell (as Sheila) Ramon Franco (as Mailman) Bari K. Willerford (as Ron) Shuko Akune (as Receptionist) F. William Parker (as Country Doctor) Lynn A. Henderson (as Clerk) Bill Gratton (as Postal Official) Susan Leslie (as Nurse) Wayne Knight (as Newman) Len Lesser (as Uncle Leo)


While at the doctors it is revealed on Elaines chart that in the past she has been a difficult patient. Kramer tries to get Jerry a refund for his broken stereo by mailing it insured. George reveals to Jerry down at the photo store he met a pretty girl called Sheila and discovers a picture in his set of photos, believing that its her even though its a lingerie model, Kramer advises him to send her one right back, with the help of Kramer George sets up a shoot.
Jerry refuses to accept a package which falls into the hands of Uncle Leo then Jerry and George hear an explosion thinking its a bomb even though Leo just left the oven on. Doctors all over the city are ignoring Elaine and while waiting for someone to see her she bumps into Uncle Leo and poses as his nurse. Newman grills Jerry on a suspicion of Mail Fraud but has to let him go when its disovered that Leo signed the package, however soon he finally gets him when a photo of him tampering with his stereo is revealed in the photo store., he has questions for both Jerry and George, where Jerry sees pics of George posing and another employee woh though that the photos were for him.


Kramer uses the name Dr Van Nostrand again. The only episode this season where Monks is not featured.

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