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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 138
First Aired: October 10, 1996
Writer: Spike Feresten
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Neil Giuntoli (as Brody) Rebecca McFarland (as Anna) Joe Urla (as Dugan) Tim O'Hare (as Vendor) Jerry Stiller (as Frank)


Elaine reluctantly lets George go to her Peterman bash where he meets Anna and soon discovers along with the co-workers Elaine's terrible dancing , he reveals all to Jerry but Jerry knew about it already when he reveals an incident that occured 5 years earlier. Jerry gets Death Blow tickets for Kramer but Kramer's friend Brodie comes along also and he turns out to be a bootlegger, after he takes ill he's forced Jerry to shoot the end of the film. Elaine's co-workers lose respect for her and she thinks its got something to do with George. Anna calls George out of the blue whe she thinks that he's a bad boy, George soon cultivates a bad boy image. Brodie is impressed with Jerry's shooting of Death Blow he decides to give him another project Cry Cry Again Jerry is very wary about it.
Jerry confronts Elaine about her dancing and decides to video tape herself. Elaine gets George on speaker to talk to Anna but Elaine tells her that George is a kind and decent person which turns off Anna. Jerry decides to stop doing the bootlegs much to Brodies dismay but soon changes his mind only to disover that Elaine taped over the whole ending. George informs Anna that he's a bootlegger and gets arreste for speeding. Frank collects him down at the station and him and Elaine come to blow. The New York people mock Elaine's dancing.


It was reported that Julia Louis Dreyfus was imitating Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michael's dance moves.

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