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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 137
First Aired: October 3, 1996
Writer: David Mandel
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Tim DeKay (as Kevin) Kristin Bauer (as Gillian) Pat Kilbane (as Bizarro Kramer (Feldman)) Kyle T. Hefner (as Bizarro George (Gene)) Justina Vail (as Amanda) J. Patrick McCormack (as Leland) Harry Murphy (as Office Manager) Dana Patrick (as Model #1) Shireen Crutchfield (as Model #2) Robin Nance (as Model #3) Mark S. Larson (as Bizarro Newman (Vargas)) James Lesure (as Office Worker) Jason Beck (as Bouncer)


Kevin introduces Elaine to 3 friends who are the complete opposite of Jerry George and Kramer. Jerry suggests to George that he should use use his engagement story to get a date with a pretty receptionist. Kramer uses a bathroom in an office buliding then people inadvertentaly think he's working there Kramer starts working there anyway. Jerry dates Gillian a beautiful woman who has man hands, George uses a picture of her as one of Susan so he can get into the forbidden city where models hang out. Jerry is envious at the amount of time Elaine is spending with her friends and comes to the conclusion that the whole system is breaking down. Kramer and Jerry bicker like an old married couple. George accidentally burns a picture of Gillian. Elaine's two worlds collide, Kevin Gene Feldman meet Jerry George and Kramer. Jerry breaks up with Gillian but gets caught while trying to find a pic for George. Elaine can't believe how similar Kevins apartment looks to Jerry's there she meets Fargus the complete opposite to Newman but Kevin and others opinion on Elaine change after she gets a little too excited about Basketball tickets. Kramer's boss Leland realises that Kramer has no Business Training. Wthout the picture of Gillian the nightclub turns into a meat packing plant when he brings Jerry down there.


The song Morning Train used in The Kramer work sequence in also used in The Butter Shave.
George uses his bogus name Art Vandelay for the first time this season.

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