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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 136
First Aired: September 26, 1996
Writer: Peter Mehlman
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Bruce Davison (as Wyck) Tim DeKay (as Kevin) Lisa Mende (as Carol) Kim Myers (as Pam) Rende Rae Norman (as Ms. Baines) Tommy Hicks (as Mr. Cross) Jill Talley (as Gail) Jill Holden (as Lisa) Wayne Knight (as Newman)


Kramer has feelings for Jerry's new girlfriend Pam and goes to Newman for advice. George thinks the foundation suspect him of killing Susan when Wyck clears his throat so decides to leave a briefacase under the table with a hidden tape recorder He decides to get Jerry and Elaine's theories on the issue. Newman becomes Kramer's cryano and Kramer attempts to chat up Pam. Kramer confronts Jerry about his feelings towards Pam and just about as Jerry is on the verge of breaking up with her Kramer makes some interesting points much to Kramers dismay. Jerry soon is wise to Newman helping Kramer and Newman bribes Jerry in hopes of finding more about his obsession with Elaine. Elaine's new boyfriend Kevin gets a vasectomy in order to prove how committed he is to not having childern. George and Jerry listen to the tape and George thinks there's something sinister going on when George confronts Wyck he explains to him that a chair was accidentally knocked on his brefcase.
Pam reveals to Jerry that she has a little crush on Kramer. Jerry, Newman and Kramer decide to get vasectomies but when Kevin is getting his reversed, Jerry and Newman make a run for it.


This episode was dedicated to Victor Wayne Harris, an assistant prop master who died in August 1996 of complications of a stroke.
At the beginning of the episode George wishes he could go to Prison someday, something later which will occur for all in the future.

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