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Episode Guide
Episode Information

Episode Number: 103
First Aired: February 16, 1995
Writer: Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Director: Andy Ackerman

Guest Stars: Wendie Malick (as Wendy) Billye Ree Wallace (as Nana) Carol Leifer (as Receptionist) Julio Oscar Mechoso (as Julio) Rondi Reed (as Mary) Gene Elman (as Buddy) Mary Scheer (as Joan) Louisa Abernathy (as Nurse) Timothy McNeil (as Jeff) Mark Fite (as Jack) C.D. Labove (as Steve) Wendy Worthington (as Louise) Belinda Barry (as Stephanie) Liz Sheridan (as Helen) Barney Martin (as Morty) Len Lesser (as Uncle Leo)


Elaine's friend, a physical therapist, whom Jerry must "kiss hello," has an old style hairdo, that Jerry and Elaine want Kramer to comment on. Jerry's grandmother wants him to open a ketchup bottle and she tells a story about some money that Uncle Leo was supposed to give his sister. Jerry's father is anxious to collect the money and interest Leo owes. Kramer puts tenant pictures up in the lobby and soon Jerry is giving every woman in the building, the "kiss hello"; however, when he stops, he becomes unpopular. George gets his arm looked at, misses a follow up appointment and must pay for that visit. The therapist skips out on her patients, including George, and goes skiing with Elaine. After their trip, she drops Elaine off 3 blocks from her apartment. Elaine injures her shoulder carrying her equipment home, and can't get any complementary treatment. Jerry gets proof of his uncle's dishonesty.

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